Starting today, you can finally take advantage of utilities YLD offers on Yield. While you could already do this since Yield’s launch last week, there was no user-friendly interface to make this practical.

You’ll see the “Discount” toggle on every confirm modal in the app starting today — hard refresh the app to see changes. Once activated (as in the image above), the fee charged reduces from 1% to 0.75% for borrowers (borrow requests) and from 7.5% to 5.625% for lenders (lending offers). Activation requires staking, at this time, 50 YLD in the discount contract which is locked for a…

The third, and longest, Yield Garden is live! To participate, you’ll need to be a liquidity provider in the ETH-YLD Sushiswap pool and then stake the liquidity tokens you receive over at You cannot stake just YLD. The Gardens serve as a liquidity incentivization program and, as such, only liquidity providers can participate.

Pertinent details about Garden v3:

  • duration: 60 days
  • reward pool: 7.5K YLD
  • time to 3x multiplier: 45 days
  • cooldown period: 10 days (during this period you cannot unstake/withdraw)
  • unstake fee: 1%, 0.75% if you unstake after 45 days

The reason this Garden is longer than the…

Yield.Credit Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Mainnet to Secure Fixed-Rate, Individualized Lending Markets

Yield is excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on mainnet to secure our fixed-rate, individualized lending markets. By integrating the market-leading decentralized oracle network, we are taking a proactive step in hardening the security of our protocol, ensuring our smart contracts consistently reference high-quality decentralized price data that is provably robust even amidst strenuous conditions such as during flash loans and high gas prices.

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here. Yield, the fixed-rate lending and incentivized borrowing platform is live! Get started earning fixed, guaranteed, what-you-see-is-what-you-get interest on the Yield dapp here with support for over 30 crypto assets including AMPL (a market first), YFI, SUSHI, LINK, and ANT. Borrowers aren’t left behind on Yield, alas, they’re arguably at the forefront because for every loan a borrower repays on Yield, they earn YLD tokens proportional to the value of the interest they offered the lender and amount they borrowed.

What is Yield?

For those unfamiliar with Yield (aka, it is a non-custodial…

Code Review

As the month comes to an end, our code review/contract optimization is finally in its final stages. For the curious, no, no bugs were found in the scope of the review. The primary reason for the seemingly extended period was due to the upgrade of the version of Solidity (Ethereum’s programming language) used for the contracts — going from v5 to v7. As Solidity isn’t a backwards-compatible language, this necessitated a rewrite of the contracts. This upgrade also brought with it certain changes in how the contract was (and needed to be) optimized as many features were added to Solidity…

The second Garden in Yield’s liquidity mining series is live! Go to to plant your seeds (Make sure to hard-refresh to update the page). As stated in the last article, Garden v2 will use Sushiswap ETH-YLD liquidity-provider tokens. If you do not yet have ETH-YLD lp tokens, follow the instructions in that article.

Pertinent details about v2 are:

  • reward pool: 5,000 YLD
  • program duration: 30 days
  • time to 3x multiplier: 24 days
  • cooldown period: 7 days (during this period you CANNOT unstake/withdraw)
  • unstake fee: 1%, 0.5% if you unstake after 21 days

Keep up with Yield by following on telegram, twitter, and/or discord.

As Yield inches ever closer to its mainnet launch with the contracts currently being reviewed and optimized…

With the above in mind, going forward, only the ETH liquidity pool of YLD will be incentivized via the Garden. It’s become clear that having more than one pair at this stage of YLD’s existence is more detrimental than it is useful. But the more important news is that the next, and future, Garden programs will use Sushiswap LP tokens, not Uniswap.

The reason for moving to Sushiswap is three-fold:

  • laying the foundation for certain features that will be implemented in Yield…

While experimentation in the core token is all the rage nowadays, the Yield (YLD) token is just a standard token. It’s a mintable, burnable ERC20 token at the heart of the Yield lending dapp (and perhaps any future dapps in its circle).

Why Mintable?

As explained in the first intro to Yield and the last article, one of the core features of Yield is incentivizing borrowers. The standard across the market is simply to disincentivize borrowers from defaulting on their loans, typically by requiring that they risk more collateral than what they’re borrowing is worth wherein a default means they forfeit ownership…

The question at the top of everyone’s minds currently tending to their gardens over at will there be a transplant to future gardens or is it time to harvest and be done with it? Short answer: yes, there will be a future garden! Long answer…

First off, it’s important to clarify that despite its name, Yield is not in fact a yield farming project. You can read more about what Yield actually is about here. Despite its popularity in the last couple months, yield farming is not *ahem* much of a product in and of itself. It helps with…

Yield is a P2P lending dapp. From the perspective of the traditional, non-crypto world, Yield is essentially Mintos. Naturally, there are significant differences since Yield exists on the Ethereum blockchain and there’s no Yield company behind the scenes.

As a non-custodial, defi lending platform, anyone can place a lending offer or borrow request on the Yield app and have it funded by the corresponding peer, no questions asked. The loan can be repaid at anytime and assuming it is, the lender earns a fixed, guaranteed interest starting at 2% while the borrower earns up to 350* YLD (*subject to changes).

Why P2P?


Yield is a fixed-rate lending dapp with incentivized borrowing & lending.

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