The question at the top of everyone’s minds currently tending to their gardens over at will there be a transplant to future gardens or is it time to harvest and be done with it? Short answer: yes, there will be a future garden! Long answer…

First off, it’s important to clarify that despite its name, Yield is not in fact a yield farming project. You can read more about what Yield actually is about here. Despite its popularity in the last couple months, yield farming is not *ahem* much of a product in and of itself. It helps with distribution of a token but that’s about it. Speaking of distribution, you’ve probably noticed there’s an address with some ~54% of the total YLD supply. Dubbed the “do-everything” wallet/allocation, that share is not a mistake but it is a bit more than initially planned. The initial supply was supposed to be 2M YLD with an even, 50:50 split between the market and the do-everything wallet, with it progressively diluted as tokens get minted by borrowers using the dapp, but due to certain factors surrounding cheating and the airdrops, the situation changed. …



Yield is a P2P lending dapp with incentivized borrowing & lending mechanism. Currently in beta testing at

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